About us

Brand strategy

Freya Productions is a full service branding agency offering creative ideas and solutions necessary to the growth of our customers' business.


Understanding the importance of words, Freya Productions helps you find the best words to represent your new business. Based on your brand philosophy and directions we find the most suitable name for your company.

Visual brand identity

Freya Productions is specialized in developing and creating logos and complete visual identities, according to the most recent design trends and concepts. Also, if you are looking for a new start or you want to mark the begging of a new evolution stage we can rebrand your business.

Social Media Communication

An online reputation is very important to a brand or to a company. Freya Productions tries every day to revolutionize the social media communication with new marketing strategies for: consultancy, online PR, general PR. We also love to know you, your company's story and to organize events or press conferences that emphasizes your beautiful work. Since we like to have many friends, we create, develop and administrate Facebook pages, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts. Blogs and content creation sounds so familiar to us too.

Integrated Communication

Reputation is the most important asset that a company has. Freya Productions tries every day to revolutionize the way communication happens, through new strategies for: consultancy, integrated communication, online PR, general PR and account administration of social media profiles.


We love to work on computers and by default we like to create layouts for magazines, brochures, menus, flyers, posters and usually anything you can think of.

Photography post - production

The best way to have a souvenir from a certain experience, event is to take photos. Freya Productions has the best photographers in town and proudly presents the photography fields that we cover: Event Photography, Advertising Photography, Product Photography, Beauty and Fashion Photography.

Graphic design

Freya Productions uses images and texts in order to create illustrations that are customer friendly and represent the company's principles. We put together and create catalog design, brochure design, flyers, leaflets, restaurant menus, press inserts or posters, anything that requires a design layout.