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Client: Kikkoman

Project: Culinaria, Create Corporate ID Year:2013


Kikkoman is the world's leading manufacturer of naturally brewed soy sauce. The international company launched its product onto Romanian market only few years ago and gradually seasoned the hearts of its customers. The whole concept of its logo is based on symbolism and represents and ideal communication with its customers, a "heart to heart communication". The logo's color and the style express the care for a perfect relation between mind and body and of course, the close relation between brand and customers and the joy of the perfect flavors.


Kikkoman implemented the same concepts in Romania and wanted to transmit the warmth and taste of the Japanese naturally brewedsoy sauce. After many brainstorming sessions, Culinaria blog and Facebook page were born. The name Culinaria comes from the blended words culinary blog, covering many food stories from around the world. Its logo looks like a label, but its shape also reminds the customer of th company's hexagon logo.
The color remained the same and the famous Japanese sauce bowl was introduced, in order to keep the balance of both tradition and innovation.