Bonton Fashion Days by Doina Levinza

Bonton Fashion Days, an annual three – day fashion event organized by Doina Levinza, was held in Bucharest, at Bonton Palace, where the most famous designers from Romania presented their latest collections making a great show. The hosts of the fashion shows were Nicole Stanese, Anca Serea and Dorian Popa.

Nine notable fashion designers - Norina Stoica, Lashez, Loulou, Cozmina Englizian, Mirela Diaconu, Ana Maria Cornea, Razvan Firea, Silvia Serban and Casa de blanuri MG were invited, for the first time, to present their collections for the second night.  Even thought the event was dedicated to the latest trends in fashion, the hair and the make-up weren’t forgotten. Geta Voinea, the renowned hair stylist, inspired the public with some fabulous braids like romantic or loosen ones, and for those who like the simplicity, she recommended the famous pony tails.