Feed my poetry photo exhibition

Freya Art, the curatorship division of the creative agency Freya Productions, was born after a gradual, beautiful and natural process. The relationship between art and advertising is a symbiotic one and those who know the history of advertising will approve that it comes from art. In the beginning it was Toulouse-Lautrec, a well-known French painter of the post impressionist period, which created the Japanese-inspired lithographies and then continued with Giovanni Carpanetto, Coppola and other big names which pushed art towards advertising.

But Freya Art had an unusual route. It was born from advertising. Inspired by the beautiful, the extraordinary people that we met and by the amazing things that we’ve seen, we created a special division for young talents, either they are local or global.

Our client, Regus was also ivolved in this exhibition and they will host the photos that are part of „Feed my poetry” at their location in Charles de Gaulle. Regus provides personalised flexible workspaces , having over 3000 centres globally. As Regus encourages flexibility, mobility and creativity, they wish to take part in more projects that also encourage creativity.

„Freya Art is about the things that make the world a more beautiful place. We wish to protect everything that means art and to show more of these works and the people who create them to as many people as possible. We will promote both romanian and international artists, aiming to carry the things that make the entire world a better place forward, be it photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, music or literature.” Anca Parvulescu ( CEO Freya Productions )

Who knows us also knows that one of our passions is the photography and would have expected that the first event organised by Freya Art would be dedicated to it. The artist that we chose and that chose us is sensitive and balanced with great heart and a passion for life that strikes you from the first meeting. Born in Sao Paulo, Camila Guerreiro combined photography with literature to create her antithesis and contrasts from the project.

„  is more than a photo exhibition; it is a collection of lyrics picked from people, stories and isolated pieces of life. It is the connection between the artist and her muses because in this case the viewer is not passive, he represents a piece of the puzzle, making himself part of future creations.” Camila Guerreiro

The „Feed my poetry” photo exhibition took place in April at NeoGalateca. The exhibition is placed now at „ Galeria Occidentului” and it will be moved in the Regus Charles de Gaulle after 31st of May.

150 people attended the vernisage and had the chance to know the artist behind these photos, Camilla Guerreiro, who exaplained the signification and the concept behind each photo.

The exhibiton starts with a photo showing the hands of the artists mother, made in Sao Paulo, Brasil, and ends with the ruins of an Auschwitz crematorium. 

Other partners who have supported this event were :  Rock FM, Galeria NeoGalateca, Hennessy, Mastroberardino, Perrier, Vittel.