A New Brand Campaign is on its way – Red Summer

US Cranberry Marketing Committee and Freya Productions started a new campaign this summer called Red Summer. Its beginning was marked by a fabulous event with the same name, in a beautiful locations on July 25th, 2014, at Marttinez Beach, Mamaia. 

Red Summer was inspired by the color of the miraculous fruits, for which Freya Productions created many campaigns before. On July 25th more than 30 restaurants, coffee-shops, lounges and bars gathered in order to spoil the guests with special menus that have the healthiest ingredient – American cranberry.  Journalists, a TV station, VIPs made the event memorable. Anca Rusu, the American Cranberry – Merisor American ambassador,  attended the event, along with DJ Vali Barbulescu, who  played the best music!